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Auxilium Naturalis, known in Quebec as Auxilium, is a group of individuals, many with scientific backgrounds, who specialize themselves in Cannabis Monoculture Hygiene Methods and Innovations.

We are cannabis grow-room pest and contaminant experts. We are based in Quebec. Some call us Cannabis pathogen experts or grow-room doctors, and in some way we are, but our main goal is to identify what is going on in your grow-op or grow room(s), by means of air tests, surface sampling, microscopy in the field of aerobiology, to identify what type of contaminants is causing problems.

(For mold air test services following the discovery of a grow operation in a house or other building (post disaster), access link below)

We are a link between Marijuana growers and specialized scientists in Quebec and you are always welcome to call us if you need help.

Our everyday mission is to ensure Quebec and Canadian Cannabis growers (who have the appropriate licences such as DG’s and etc.), have a contaminant and pathogen-free Cannabis producing facility or greenhouse.

What is Auxilium Naturalis?

Our goal

Many marijuana growers get mildew problems, pithium problems, bud rot (botrytis cinerea), penicillium is common as well, some problems relate to the infrastructures themselves, spidermites and many others. It is not often the grower's fault, but more because of the Monoculture pattern, which is known worldwide as being very prone to mildew and other fungal pathogens, as well as problems concerning insects.

Auxilium is there for only one reason: to determine what is going on in our client’s grow-ops, regardless of size.

If for example there seems to be a fungus-related problem in your cannabis grow-op, we are simply there to describe and explain which type of pathogen it is, and what is happening. By knowing what type of fungus is on the plants, and in most cases what sub-type of fungus the grower is dealing with, the grower may then decide to choose the right spray for their crops, as an example. But we will also emit recommendations on how to control and 'subdue' the pathogen slowly, whatever the pathogen may be.

We are cannabis mold specialists in Quebec, we are active in Montreal and surrounding regions and in major cases (it has happened in the past) the rest of Canada. We are benevolent and you may contact us any time.

Certified marijuana mold experts in Quebec and Canada can be hard to find simply because Mycologists are rare. One of our members is a biologist Certified by the PAACB, in microscopy applied to Aerobiology. She was the first Canadian Biologist to be Certified by the PAACB in Canada. She is a reputed, open-minded Biologist who only dearly cares about the health of all humans, including you.

Whether you are a Licensed Producer applicant who has last minute concerns during the application process, whether you are a Designated Grower who simply wants to make sure in good faith that his patient's medicine is uncontaminated, it always starts by knowing first off:

What's in your grow room, and what's happening in your grow-op. Once we determine and identify the problems, we can then consult and refer our clients to the finest specialists to implement a plan to fight back pests in their grow-op(s).

We are Cannabis grow-op contaminant specialists in Quebec, and we are there to help you. All cases are treated with confidentiality. We are the link between growers and scientists in Quebec since february 14th 2014.

Mildew and fungus problems, spidermites and other pests & pathogens in grow ops, are hard to predict and control because most growers use the Monoculture method and try to maximize square foot production in some cases.

But Auxilium has such a vast and specialized scientific baggage and ensures positive changes for the better in Quebec grow ops and Canada grow ops, whether by designing custom ergonomic polycultures that better resist pests of all kinds or by identiying sources of mold and mildew and their proliferation sites or sources.

Our vision

Our vision is simple. Such is our aphorism; Modicum Valere Omnia: A moderate amount of everything. We offer various Certified services in the field of microscopy, mycology, aerobiology, prevention of harmful airborne dusts and particulates, biology and plant science, we have a journalist and writer, a specialist in industrial ventilation and also our excellent attorney Me. Gabriel Ménard.

We have our supplier of laboratory materials and special hygienic materials, and so many more, all working symbiotically in the same company. We are a diversified scientific team devoted in helping growers fight off biotic (and sometimes abiotic) contaminants and pests from their Cannabis Grow rooms.

We also have a social worker among us for our "social reintegration pilot project" which could help canadians eventually, by orienting black market growers back on track instead of sending illegal growers to jail.

The beneficial effect of Auxilium and the relative social impacts are enormous in Quebec and Canada. Auxilium operates as a third party. Our function is to ensure;

Firstly; That growers are not in danger themselves in their own growing environment and that the product intended for consumers does not represent any form of danger to them besides the expected, normal exposure to Cannabis consumption. These hazards can be fungal in nature, from various microorganisms or heavy pesticide and fungicide residues etc.


Secondly; We make sure there is a good relationship between those who do not like Cannabis and those who use Cannabis in Quebec. Auxilium ensures there is a good hygiene program to prevent any form of unpleasant odours from travelling outdoors involuntarily, and possibly preventing mold infestations in the case of a semi-detached immovable.

In third place; An excellent relationship between the cultivators and the authorities (ex: politicians, city authorities) and make them work together.

We can also inspect your grow-op and offer advice if a grower would like to conform to Quebec CNESST regulations.

We are grow-op contamination specialists and we are there to help Marijuana growers maximize their crops in every positive way and we operate in the province of Quebec. We are based in the Montreal and Vaudreuil regions.

Function & Social Impact of Auxilium

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Alan McDonell-Leclaire

Tel : 514-603-2937

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