The air tests and analytic microscopy services offered by Auxilium Naturalis also apply in post-disaster cases associated to the spread of harmful molds related to domestic Cannabis plantations, found in houses or other immovables in Quebec and Canada.

We offer mold assessment services in residential, commercial and industrial buildings in Montreal and surrounding areas, following the stoppage or discovery of an indoor Cannabis plantation in a building or property.

It is important to ensure that this assessment is done as accurately as possible, as its determination will affect the price of re-construction. This is due in part to the fact that depending on the heaviness of the infestation, some preventive measures might be addressed by the workers thereafter.

If samples are to be sent to the laboratory promptly, we offer the emergency service, such as in cases where the building is targeted by a real estate transaction or when the requestant is an insurance company that must establish the cost of rebuilding.

Thank you for choosing Auxilium, a family business from Quebec, a team of scientists in the field of analytical microscopy since 1990. Already over 27 years of experience!

Post Disaster

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